Transmission Diagnostics and Repair
Has your transmission stopped working or left you stranded? Does is slip through gears or acts suspiciously all of the sudden? Are the shifts hard or does the transmission make noise? When was the last time you had your transmission serviced?

Is your transmission due for service or do you need transmission repairs in the Fort Walton Beach area?

Transmission problems can be some of the most serious problems that can affect a vehicle, but with proper maintenance and diagnoses they can be fixed with only minor repairs or adjustments. We have seen it time and time again, customers that do not service their transmissions, or that ignore issues with them until it is too late. Something as simple as a gasket leak can lead to the full destruction of a transmission if not resolved in time. Not only is this not safe, as it can easily cause an accident, but it will only make the problem worse and ultimately more expensive on the customer.

At The AAA Automotive And Transmissions shop located in Fort Walton Beach, we will thoroughly diagnose your transmission problem using state of the art tools and over 30 years of transmission repair experience. We will then give you the correct diagnosis or the issue and an efficient plan to repair it.

When we diagnose your transmission, we will inspect the level and condition of all your fluids, including the transfer case and differential fluid if it applies to your vehicle. We will scan your transmission computer for any codes, and then take it for a test drive to gauge your initial shift engagements, drive range, the timing and quality of all your shifts and gears, torque converter engagements and gear box performance. We will inspect all positions of the gears of your transmission, such as park hold, reverse and neutral. We will inspect for any abnormalityies in performance, such as tell-tale sounds and vibrations.

After our initial inspection is completed, we will place your vehicle on a lift and inspect the external core housing of the transmission. We will inspect:

  • Transmission housing
  • Shift linkage or shift cable
  • Vacuum connections / vacuum leaks
  • TV/detent cable/linkage
  • Harness connections
  • Ground connections
  • Engine mounts
  • Axles and shafts
  • U-Joints or CV joints
  • Fluid retention
  • Pan gasket
  • Wire condition

New vehicles are very dependent on computer modules and sensors, which is why we use specialized state of the art diagnostic tools to identify what is causing your issues. At AAA Automotive And Transmissions, experienced technicians can single out your specific problem so you’re not wasting time or money. With the AAA Automotive And Transmissions Computer Diagnostic Service, we can discover if an electrical component is affecting your transmission’s shifting ability or overall performance. Using a specialized computer system scanner, our technician will be able to inspect specific codes, inspect all critical systems, and compare your cache data with the data in our technical database. Using our AAA Automotive And Transmissions Kwiktes PlusBox, your technician can figure out whether the problem is in your transmission or somewhere else.​ After our inspection is complete, your AAA Automotive And Transmissions technician will report and recommend the repairs or the adjustments your transmission needs.

Because of our thorough procedures and long history of experience, along with our state of the art diagnostic tools, we can confidently diagnose your transmission problem correctly the first time. We take pride in our thoroughness, saving you time and money. We want you to come to us only once, receive quality repairs and be back on the road. Most of the vehicles that we inspect don’t need major repairs, specially if the customer has correctly followed maintenance guidelines on their vehicle!

We are the only transmission shop in town that overhauls the entire transmission. Most other transmission shops have a reputation of only replacing failed components within the transmission on their overhauls. This is a shortcut we never take. We always replace all parts with updated components to ensure proper function well past the industry standard warranty!

Come to AAA Automotive And Transmissions to expect high-quality, honest, and thorough service every single time!


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